5 Reasons Why You Can Trust A Live Homework Help Chat

Chances are you have come across a live homework help chat from time to time while you have been searching the internet for answers to questions that have come up while you have been completing your homework. These sites have been on the rise mostly because of the increasing number of students that take classes online. Most of these sites are pretty shady and will not be of much help to you.

It does seem so simple, right? You have a question and a chat box pops up on your screen and you instantly have someone to help you get the answers that you are looking for. It really isn’t as easy or helpful as it may seem. Here are five reasons why you can’t trust that live chat box that pops up to save the day.

  1. It is a marketing tool. There is not someone just sitting there waiting twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to answer your questions for free. These sites use these chat boxes to get you to purchase one of their services. They see that you need help and these online chats direct you to a place where you can purchase the help.
  2. They are designed with automated responses. Some will show you there picture or a waiting prompt to give you the impression that you are talking to a live person. The real facts are that you are talking to a machine that has been programmed to sound like a live person.
  3. They give answers and not explanations. You can sometimes get the answers to your questions but where does this really leave you. Homework is designed to take those concepts that you learned in class and turn them into real knowledge. However, if you don’t actually do them, then you are just getting answers and come test time you will not have clue what the answers are.
  4. They may be incorrect. There really isn’t any guarantee that the information is even correct. You wouldn’t want to depend on something that gave you the wrong answers.
  5. It is cheating. It may be hard to get caught but it is still a possibility. You can hand in an answer that matches the answer that the chat gave to several other students that was incorrect and it will show that you obviously got your information from this source.

There are so many other places that you can get information to help you with your homework that will actually help you so don’t waste your time with these sites.