How To Create A Homework Planner To Deal With Your Assignments In Time

If you develop a habit of organizing your work, you will surely complete your work in time. Plan to follow a schedule and avoid delaying your work. Place all of your required things at one place and set your priorities. Mark all subjects as one two three. Complete the assignment for which you have the least time left. For example, first, complete your language tasks then go for its presentation Assign a limited to each subject. For example, you assign 30minutes to your chemistry assignment and you think you are good at solving algebraic problems, then, you should assign 15 minutes to it. Extra time can be utilized somewhere else than doing homework and it should be considered as bonus. Draw a calendar and leave empty boxes under every date. Now think carefully that how much time you could spare for your homework. Make everyday schedule separately. For example, you are assigning 3hours on Monday as it is the most burdened day as your week starts on this very day and you assign 2 hours on Tuesday. This way you will know whether you are going to attend someone’s birthday party that would occur in next week or will you not be able to celebrate because of your homework.

You should keep a highlighter for marking on calendar. Check other specifications like which color to be used (black, blue). Make the calendar in such a way that if you want to make any edition later on, you could easily do it. If you feel overwhelmed, take a short break. Short break means short break. Do not stretch your break this much that you delay your homework. Eat and drink in small breaks to maintain your energy level.

Some useful tips

  1. If you are feeling energetic, grab the toughest subject and get on it
  2. Download homework planner software and set alarms
  3. Divide your work in small units
  4. Do not get overburdened
  5. Avoid everybody when you are working
  6. Sit in a room that is less visited
  7. Do not use cell phone as it can easily distract you
  8. Keep a stopwatch
  9. Last and the most important tip is to follow your schedule strictly


Follow your plan. You have to stick with your schedule strictly. Once you will show any laziness, you will never be able to sustain it.