Tried And Tested Ways Of Getting Help With Math Homework

When your child comes to you for help with his or her homework or probably says that he or she wants assignment assistance, it is not enough to immediately get down to doing it for the child. The reasons for it are many. The math that you did or remember doing may look extremely different to this. You may end up confusing the child instead of providing homework help. Therefore, it is necessary for you first to take a step back and understand how it needs to be done and then go ahead and help him or her.

For those who are unable to understand what needs to be done, you should check out this service:

  1. You should first sit the child down and go over all the instructions and directions with him or her and in that way, you will be able to find out what is understood and what he or she needs clarity on.
  2. If you are unable to assist, you should encourage the child to seek the help of a peer by either studying with the other child or calling the other child for help and assistance.
  3. You should ask him or her where they feel they should begin
  4. You should ask if he or she can find information that is needed to solve the problem. This could be in a guide book or perhaps in the notes taken down in class.
  5. You can also ask the child if there is a similar problem that has been solved in the textbook.
  6. The child should be encouraged to make a model or draw which will explain his thinking
  7. Guiding questions should be asked “what do you feel should be the next step” or “do you think that the answer is correct?” “Is there a better way perhaps or a shorter way to solve the problem.”
  8. You should also see if you can get online help to solve these homework issues
  9. You should never do the homework for the child but only assist them to do it for themselves

The child’s biggest impact is the way the parent reacts to the subject. If the parent tends to throw his or her hands up in exasperation and states they are unable to understand the homework; the child will learn and imbibe that attitude as well.