How to Do Your Homework Faster: 10 Ideas for More Efficient Self-Education

Everything is fast nowadays and doing homework slowly only makes you more likely to miss something vital that’s happening around you. The problem with doing your homework more quickly, however, is that the quality can drop which defeats the whole purpose of doing homework altogether. Here are ten ideas that will make you race through your homework at top speed without losing the standard of performance you’re accustomed to.

  1. Time yourself
  2. If you make it a race you’re more likely to maintain a good speed. This may turn out badly at first but after a while you will regain your accuracy.

  3. Get a study/homework group together
  4. If you do your homework with a group of people, you will move faster because the work can be split up.

  5. Practice your most troublesome topics
  6. Sometimes the reason homework takes so long is because we never learned the topic well. Spend more time on the ones that perplex you.

  7. Send out a request on social media
  8. Social media can be useful as well as fun. When you feel uncertain about something, ask for help from all your friends and their friends. It’s a fast way to get tons of help.

  9. Buy extra textbooks
  10. Sometimes using more than one text book can get you answers faster. It can also explain concepts to you in multiple ways so you can form your own definition.

  11. Get the assignments clarified
  12. If there’s even a remote chance that you don’t understand the homework properly, ask your teacher to explain it before you begin. Misheard and poorly transcribed assignments can waste you valuable time.

  13. Don’t procrastinate
  14. Procrastination can make you rush through your homework but it will make you too nervous to do it well. Assign time to your homework and just do it.

  15. Reward yourself
  16. Giving yourself rewards give you something to look forward to at the end of the assignment. This helps you keep pushing when you could have gotten sluggish.

  17. Play action music
  18. People doing intense workouts tend to listen to music that makes them feel active. Try this trick on your homework.

  19. Try hypnosis
  20. This is a last resort but if nothing else seems to help, try listening to hypnosis CDs that are tailored to convince your brain to be a better student.

These methods can help you, it’s up to you now to try them.