Where Can I Find Homework For 3rd Grade: Reliable Sources

From planning a lesson to giving extra help to needy student, elementary school teachers are already strapped for time! You need to give your students assignments to complete when they go home, but how can you avoid having to do too much of your own homework? There are a lot of places to find assignments suitable for 3rd graders: whether you need to teach your students about Lewis and Clark, photosynthesis, proper spelling, reading comprehension, long division, or just about any other topic under the sun, you don’t have to stay up all night planning your own homework! Here are four places to turn to when you don’t have a second to spare.

  • Online. You can find just about anything these days, including homework for students of any age! Whether you need a math worksheet or a short story for your students to read at home, you can be sure to find it online. Look for websites that end in “.edu” or “.org”; these are more trustworthy than “.com” sites because they are hosted and monitored by universities, colleges, or professional organizations. You can also find lesson plans and other fun things online that will make a busy week a breeze!
  • Other teachers. Ask other teachers at your school where they get their homework, or if they have any advice on how to make your own. Chances are, someone who’s been there longer than you will have all the answers you need! If not, you may even be able to collaborate with another teacher to brainstorm and find assignments that will fit both of your classes.
  • Workbooks. There is no shortage of workbooks specifically designed for 3rd grade: they can include math, English, history, and science all in one! You can copy assignments that you think will work well with your lesson plan, or use the ideas you get to create your own worksheets and assignments!
  • The library. Take a trip to your local library and check out the children’s room as well as the reference area. In the children’s room, you can discover a new book to have your students read and write about, and you can talk to the children’s librarian about what makes for good 3rd grade homework. In the reference section, you should be able to find tons of resources about teaching 3rd grade and how to plan homework, as well as templates and worksheets you can copy and distribute to your students!