Pros And Cons Of Using Online Science Homework

When you are stuck on your science homework, there are some pros and cons to using those online homework services. You know that if you have typed in your question to the search engine, more than half of the sites that pop up are sites connect you with a homework helper. They get you the answers that you need to complete your work. This works out good and bad for you.

Let’s explore those pros and cons!


  • Have an answer to compare your answer to
  • If you have been working out the problem but you are not entirely sure what it is and you can’t afford to be wrong, you may benefit from getting the answer to know that you are doing it right. If the homework helper agrees with what you got, it will seem as though you are correct.

  • Can find useful sites that offer educational information
  • There are some sites online that really offer some educational information that can help students understand so much when it comes to their homework and the concepts that they are learning in class.


  • Won’t learn the concepts if you just get an answer
  • If you are just told the answers, you will never understand how they got to that answer and will not help you out. I know homework is a drag but it is designed to take the information that you learned in class and apply it so that it becomes knowledge that you retain into the future. If you don’t practice the concepts, you are likely to only retain about half of the information.

  • There is no verification process
  • There is not governing body that verifies the information that you find on these sites. You could be getting the wrong answer and you wouldn’t know it until it was too late.

  • Only gives you generalized information
  • You won’t get specific answers to your questions. You won’t get the deeper meaning or the reasoning. It will just be a general answer. This won’t help you understand it.

There are some places that you can find helpful information however if it is just an answer to a question that you asked, it is not going to help you. Find an educational site and watch a video or read about why. Learn the concept and explore it so that you can retain the information for the future.