How To Do My Homework Quickly – A 5-Step Guide

  1. Always plan your tasks
  2. Planning is the key to effective execution. You can only execute something when you have a plan for it on paper. Whether your assignment is small or lengthy, you should lay out a plan of action for your homework on paper. This will help you keep track of your activities

  3. Work in short intervals
  4. According to research, human brain has the maximum concentration time of 45 minutes. After that, you start developing interest in other tasks and distract from your work. If you force yourself to sit through this time then you will only waste time with nothing on paper. You need to take breaks often during your homework to keep yourself fresh and productive

  5. Reward yourself
  6. Do not overlook yourself among the burden for homework and other important tasks. Take time out to appreciate yourself for what you have achieved so far. If you complete a milestone for your paper, you can treat yourself with a long chat with an old friend or a steady walk with your pet; you can watch a movie or visit your favorite coffee place to tell yourself you did a good job

  7. Carry out research where necessary
  8. Students often do not understand the importance of directed research for their homework. They sit down to research one thing and spend the entire day on the internet surfing without any aim. This will waste your time and make it impossible for you to do your tasks quickly. You will feel drained after spending the entire day on research and will go to sleep or play. This way you will waste an entire day without any progress. Plan your research and do it when you really need it.

  9. Edit and proof read your paper
  10. Always have a margin for the editing and proof reading of your paper. Even if you are on a short deadline, it is important to keep at least fifteen to twenty minutes for the editing phase. The editing and proofreading only takes 10% of your total efforts to complete the paper. However, this last 10% very critical in presenting your paper and increases your chances of acing in the subject. If you write a well-researched paper but it is full of grammatical and common spelling errors then you will never receive a good grade despite of all your efforts.