Ten Reasons Why Students Shouldn't Do Their Homework

A scholar is at school for almost the entirety of the day, spending hours in a classroom memorizing and understanding facts. In most school cultures, individuals are assigned more academic studies to be completed at home, studies which can occupy the majority of their time at home. This practice leaves one with little or no free time to participate in other activities and can have damaging effects on their futures. Here are ten reasons why students should not do homework:

  1. Life is more than academics
  2. A person is more than what is taught in school. The education system can be rigid and linear, with no free time at home, someone who may have, for example, invented a new way to make pizza, is denied that opportunity.

  3. It hampers personal development
  4. It is not uncommon for a student to reach adulthood, gain the ability to make their own choices, and choose to drop out of school. With more free time after school, a person can get to know them self better and so make better personal decisions about their life.

  5. Affects family and social life
  6. With so much school work to do, children can lose contact with their own family living in the same house with them. This can contribute to the development of dysfunctional families.

  7. They can only learn so much in one day
  8. After studying for extended periods the mind eventually gets disinterested. There is only so much of one thing we can tolerate for any given time.

  9. Sleep is sacrificed
  10. Our brain processes information during REM sleep. Many students are forced to stay up late to finish homework, costing them valuable REM sleep.

  11. Child is distracted
  12. Homework deprives children of play time at home, so when at school, they will not be able to focus on the lessons being taught.

  13. It seems like punishment
  14. Excessively long periods of study with no breaks can feel like punishment and can cause resentment of education.

  15. Not all students can accomplish work on their own
  16. Some people work better in groups, so when one is required to work at home alone, they may have difficulties. As a result, they may fail at school, instead of having their teamwork qualities nurtured.

  17. Makes students rebellious
  18. Forcing a student to complete more work at home may make it easier for them to rebel at the education process as a whole.

  19. Teachers don’t check assignments
  20. Many homework assignments go ungraded as teachers are too busy with the current lesson to bother.